Escalator Cleaning Machine

Escalator Cleaning Machine

Escalator Cleaning Machine

Pristine facility & management services pvt ltd provides escalator cleaning machine, escalator cleaning services, escalator cleaning procedure & facility management in India

We are the authorized Distributor for PAN India Operations for Rosemor.

Established in 1985 Rosemor International Ltd specialized in the design, manufacturing and supply of precision-engineered automatic escalator cleaning equipment and provides second to none industry expertise in the cleaning equipment market. Rosemor International is committed to offering its customers industry-leading products and systems supported with expert advice and service.

Rosemor has striven to become the best source of power cleaning equipment, able to cater for jetting, brushing and vacuum cleaning. To do this it has forged partnerships with leading worldwide suppliers as well as developing its own products. Rosemor released this machine in 2013 upgrading and replacing the Rotomac 360. Supplying worldwide to dealers and end users Rosemor has ensured this machine suits all escalator cleaning needs.

This now contains 15 rotating brushes consisting of 4 different lengths and materials to scrub and sweep dirt into the machine and off the steps. The brushes are an effective and safe way to clean the step and not damage the treads. The new illuminated panel is built to sustain substantial usage and common misuse. The machine is still mains operated but now it has a new battery built in. This enables customers to safely remove the machine from the steps in an emergency (e.g. a power fault). A new socket has been included that enables the T10 attachment to be connected to perform quick maintenance cleans or using ET15B-T10 combo as travelator cleaning device.

escalator cleaning equipment
escalator cleaning machine
escalator cleaning equipment

Work very easily. Clean very thoroughly. Economical!

Cleaning and repair (maintenance) cycles, which can be reduced significantly with the use of a suitable cleaning machine. That saves escalator maintenance costs and personnel. And the safety of the escalator user as well as peace of mind for the operators of public buildings.


• In case of water penetration, the escalator could be damaged.

• Rotomac has therefore made provisions: The strong suction prevents the entry of water into the stairs.


• The escalator is out of service for just a short time, for example during a quiet time in the building.

• The steps of the staircase can remain installed.

• The Rotomac ET15B simultaneously cleans steps and risers. Immediately after cleaning – thanks to the integrated suction – the staircase is accessible again.

Environment and sustainability

• The cycle time can be tailored to the degree of soiling.

• The machine housing is made of stainless steel and the tanks are made of splash proof and resistant plastic.

Features & Benefits :

✓ Dramatic cost savings compared to conventional cleaning methods

✓ No need to remove the steps, cleaning done in-situ.

✓ Cleaning is undertaken on-site, after hours.

✓ Overnight cleaning ensuring the escalator is ready for traffic at the start of the day.

✓ The step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in a single operation.

✓ Efficiently and effectively removes grease, spillage’s, stones, foreign objects, hardened sand and grinding paste (spillage combined with grease etc).

✓ Premises with clean escalators are more appealing, therefore attract more trade and develop a better reputation.

✓ Thoroughly cleaned escalators.

✓ No damage to escalators.

✓ No damage to electrical circuits and internal mechanisms.

✓ Controlled preset chemical and minimal water is sprayed through nozzles. ✓ Will not dilute the lubrication of the escalator mechanism.

✓ Immediate vacuuming of the dirty solution into holding tanks.

✓ Eliminates the danger of chains rusting, motors burning out, and damage to electrical circuits.

✓ Decreases escalator maintenance costs.

✓ Tested and officially endorsed by the world’s leading manufacturers.

✓ The system is more efficient and cost effective than other methods.

✓ Peace of mind.

Escalator Cleaning Machine




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